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School Profile

School Profile

School Profile

Larchwood Public School is a Kindergarten to Grade 6 English program school with 85 students.  It is a small, friendly community school located in Dowling.

At Larchwood, we endeavour to provide a safe and caring environment that promotes learning in an atmosphere in which students are encouraged to strive for excellence. As facilitators, we are committed to providing opportunities for our students to develop skills and attitudes required for a challenging and successful future. It is only through a cooperative effort among community, staff and students that our children can reach their full potential.

The students at Larchwood Public School are actively involved in many teacher-run co-curricular activities throughout the year.  Boys’ and girls’ basketball and volleyball, track and field, soccer, floor hockey and cross country running are just some of the ways our students keep active, fit and involved.  We may be a smaller school but with our great attitude and effort, as well as dedicated coaches, our teams are competitive. We are the Larchwood Lasers and strive to play fair and have fun.

Larchwood Public School also offers students other opportunities beyond the classroom.  Science Fair, Heritage Fair, Snowshoeing, Choir, Recorder Club, and the Legion’s Remembrance Day Literary, Poster, and Public Speaking contests are some of the ways students get to demonstrate their talents and abilities.

Character development is an important part of the curriculum at Larchwood Public School.  Throughout the year we reinforce the 10 Character Traits: Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Empathy, Integrity, Courtesy, Resilience, Acceptance, Courage and Co-operation. Larchwood is home to the Kindness Ninjas, who practice these traits as they seek to help and lift the spirits of others. We also stress the importance of Mental Health and a Growth Mindset, that we can grow with practice, effort and resiliency.

Larchwood Public School has an active School Council and Fundraising committee. Together with the school, the parents work hard to raise funds for student activities and technology. Many new ideas and initiatives are being shared and discussed at our regular meetings and we are always encouraging any interested parents/guardians to join in at any time. The School Council is an important advisory body.  As partners in education, the School Council is committed to ensuring that Larchwood Public School promotes a strong positive image in the community.

We are very fortunate at Larchwood Public School to have a variety of technological options to support student learning. Teachers and students can access iPads, Chromebooks and interactive white boards to support and enhance classroom activities.

The staff at Larchwood Public School is a dynamic and enthusiastic group of professionals who are dedicated to providing quality education for all students.